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It’s nice of you to pay a visit

Hi again. Yesterday I hinted at the type of content I would be delivering for you today, and lo and behold I’ve stuck to my word. This forthcoming article is a suit of argument, or a thesis if you will, expressing my opinions on beards and in particular, how I think that having a beard generally makes you more attractive to women.

I’ll go into this in more detail shortly, but this idea got me thinking. Would it then be good of me to advise you all to start growing beards in order to help you attract women, or are beards currently attractive to women, because they are slightly unusual, and because you’re average man doesn’t have one. There’s some food for thought right there.

Anyway, back to my point. I think beards make men more attractive to women for a number of reasons. After looking around for quite some time trying to find an answer, I’ve whittled it down to two things.

(1) The beard is a sign of manliness and virility. Evolutionarily speaking, having a beard is a sign of strength and virility. In most cases, this will be subconsciously communicated to any female.

(2) Secondly a beard, in almost all cases, will make it’s owner look quite a bit older. And this in turn is a great thing for young men, in their early twenties to have. It makes them instantly look older and more attractive.

Because of these two reasons, I thought to myself that I should spread the word with my brethren, and let every guy I know that doesn’t currently have a beard, that they are missing out. Then after some more thinking and deliberation, I started to think twice.

Would it really be a good idea for every guy out there to have a beard. Isn’t it possible that what makes the current contingent of men with beards attractive, is because they stand out from the crowd – they are unique, and not average. But if every guy out there had one, then they would no longer be unique or interesting, and perhaps the clean shaven man will suddenly become the one getting all the attention. Either way I hope this doesn’t happen, because I am really enjoying having a beard at the moment, and I don’t want this trend to end anytime soon!

The start of something big

I’ve created this blog on a bit of a whim – I think I’ve got a fair amount of experience when it comes to male grooming, and I thought, ‘why not share that with the world?’

So in this original message, I ask you to be patient with me: I don’t consider myself an expert at blogging, or writing in fact, but I’m sure with time and persistence I will get better, and the blog will begin to become more rewarding for you and me.

My very first article will be published tomorrow so come back to read it – It’s about beards and why I think every guy should have one!